Pattaya Beach Road loiterers rounded up

More than 20 persons who were seen to be loitering, and probably littering, along the Beach Road promenade in the very early hours of Tuesday morning were asked by a task force of police and police volunteers to accompany the officers back to the station for interrogation, profiling and drug testing. At […]

Angry Mob Chases Thieving Ladyboy in South Pattaya

An angry mob of local residents and street vendors blocked the entrance to an apartment block on South Pattaya Road early on Tuesday morning. The mob formed after a ladyboy had allegedly stolen a mobile phone from a local clothing stall before fleeing into the nearby residence.

Pattaya, the 17th of August 2010: At approximately 12:00, […]

Brit Robbed by Gang of Katoey’s in Pattaya

Local citizens successfully detained a thieving gang of katoey’s early on Friday morning. The group had allegedly accosted and pick-pocketed an intoxicated British national.

At approximately 00:10am, Captain Narongdet Tanaphoonsin (Pattaya Police Investigator) was notified by a local resident whilst on patrol that a gang of 3 katoey’s had been detained after stealing money from a […]

Pattaya Police Victim of Desperate Katoey Snatch & Run

An aggrieved ladyboy has been arrested in Pattaya on Sunday after attempting to pickpocket a local police sergeant major whilst he was on duty.

At approximately 5:00pm on Sunday, Police Lieutenant Colonel Rerngwit Ragchat (Pattaya Police Investigator) was notified that a katoey had attempted to rob a fellow police officer in front of the Mike Shopping […]

Two transsexuals arrested following recent death of Indian Tourist

On Friday in Bangkok a press conference was held at the Tourist Police Headquarters led by Police Lieutenant General Tangai, the Commissioner of the Central Investigations Bureau to announce the arrest of two suspects in the recent case which resulted in the death of an Indian Tourist who was drugged along with his friend by […]