Mahout crushed to death at Jomtien elephant camp

An elephant master who had been caring for his 40 year old Elephant for 20 years died from a severe head trauma whilst bathing the elephant next to a concrete water tank. Police and rescue workers were called to the Elephant and Monkey Camp located in the Na-Jomtien area on Saturday morning and inspected the […]

Hi-So killer of nine gets off with two year suspended sentence

An 18-year-old girl yesterday received a guilty verdict and a suspended jail term for reckless driving that was blamed for the deaths of nine people.

Her criminal conviction will likely have an impact on the Bt120 million worth of compensation lawsuits filed by victims or their relatives at the Civil Court.

At the time of the fatal […]

French tourist killed by Phi Phi speedboat

A French tourist died after being struck by a speedboat while snorkelling off Phi Phi Island, near Phuket, yesterday afternoon.

Phi Phi Police named the man as Olivier Jannequin, 42 years old.

Police were notified of the accident at about 12:30pm.

Mr Jannequin was travelling with four Frenchmen. Two of them went snorkelling not far from the shore.

Japanese diver killed by boat propeller

Hitomi Shibata, the Japanese tourist who died while on a dive tour off Koh Racha yesterday, was struck in the face by the propeller of the dive boat she was with, police told the Phuket Gazette today.

“From our initial investigation, Miss Hitomi was diving with her dive instructor and a […]

3 year old Thai-American Child killed in fire in South Pattaya

A 3 year old Thai-American Girl was burnt to death in a raging fire at a music studio in South Pattaya on Saturday Morning. Fire Rescue Units, medical personnel and Police were called to the Pattaya Music Studio, located at Duck Square, close to Big C in South Pattaya. There were […]

3 killed and 45 injured in bus crash just outside Pattaya

A coach travelling to Udon Thani Province for a Royal Cremation Ceremony was involved in a road accident on Friday Night which killed 3 and injured 45 people. The accident occurred on Highway 331 in Huoy Yai on the outskirts of Pattaya and occurred when the coach hit a stationary 18-wheel […]

Swiss woman trampled to death by enraged elephant

A Swiss woman is dead and three other foreign tourists are in hospital in Phuket after an elephant went berserk during a trekking tour in Surat Thani yesterday.

Speaking from his wife’s bedside at Bangkok Hospital Phuket this afternoon, Australian tourist Sean Gothe said he and his wife Helen were among […]

Police Lieutenant shoots armed suspect dead in East Pattaya

An armed suspect who drove through a checkpoint and then allegedly shot at pursuing Police was shot dead by a Police Lieutenant working at Banglamung Police Station. The officer, who was one of a group of chasing Police Officers, explained the chain-of-events to us. A Police Checkpoint was set-up in Nong […]

Two dead, five injured as vehicle fails to stop at North Pattaya Police checkpoint

A road crash left two dead and five injured after a car failed to stop at a Police Checkpoint in North Pattaya. In the early hours of Saturday Morning a White Isuzu Pick-up failed to stop at the checkpoint and left the area at a high rate of speed. Police gave chase […]

Banana Boat blamed for death of Indian Tourist

A banana boat ride in the waters off Larn Island is being blamed for the death of a female Indian tourist. The incident occurred on Wednesday Afternoon at Tawaen Beach on the Island, which is located 4kms off the coast of Pattaya. Mrs. Ratnamala Pradip Korad aged 51 was one of 5 […]