Illegal Abortion Clinic in Central Pattaya shut down by Police

Officers from the Police Anti-Human Trafficking Division conducted a raid on an illegal abortion clinic on Pattaya Third Road on Thursday. Information regarding the Tirawat Clinic was received by Police who conducted the raid and arrested 4 members of staff but could not arrest the owner or manager who were not […]

Police Hunt Owner of Illegal Abortion Clinic in Pattaya

Police raided a medical clinic in central Pattaya on Wednesday after various reports surfaced that the premises was also operating an illegal abortion service.

At approximately 8:30pm, police Colonel Nunthawut Suwanla-ong (Pattaya Police Superintendent) conducted an investigative raid on the ‘Pattaya 3rd Road Clinic’ in Central Pattaya. The raid, actioned with a search warrant from Pattaya […]