Pattaya Beach could disappear within 5 years

Pattaya Beach could disappear within 5 years. This stark warning comes from a report published by the Chulalongkorn University. A National English Language Newspaper here in Thailand broke the story earlier this week and on Monday Night the story was headline news on Thai National TV Channels. In response to the […]

Monks accused of illegal drug use in Chonburi Temple

A team of monks, some real and others not were caught by Police at a market outside of Pattaya, accused of collecting donations which would then be converted to cash which would be used to purchase drugs. Chonburi District Police received complaints from vendors at a market in Chonburi District regarding […]

Murdered woman found in wasteland behind Soi Buakhao in Central Pattaya

The badly decomposed body of a woman was discovered by a Restaurant Owner in Soi Beokeow who noticed a foul odor coming into his restaurant. Behind the business was an area of wasteland where the body of the woman was found. Due to the level of decomposition Police are unsure if […]

Hostage shot by Pattaya Police, Kidnapper escapes unharmed

A kidnapping resulted in serious injuries sustained by the victim following a shootout between the kidnapper and Police in the early hours of Tuesday Morning. Khun Pusit aged 47, the co-owner of a Beauty Salon in South Pattaya was abducted by a man claiming to be a Police Officer. The suspect […]

Two dead, five injured as vehicle fails to stop at North Pattaya Police checkpoint

A road crash left two dead and five injured after a car failed to stop at a Police Checkpoint in North Pattaya. In the early hours of Saturday Morning a White Isuzu Pick-up failed to stop at the checkpoint and left the area at a high rate of speed. Police gave chase […]

Pattaya Beach Road loiterers rounded up

More than 20 persons who were seen to be loitering, and probably littering, along the Beach Road promenade in the very early hours of Tuesday morning were asked by a task force of police and police volunteers to accompany the officers back to the station for interrogation, profiling and drug testing. At […]

Pattaya drug dealer shoots his way out of arrest

A major drug dealer was able to escape apprehension after shooting at undercover police officers during an operation that didn’t quite go according to plan near Soi Potisan in Naklua in the early morning hours of Friday. Acting on the usual information, undercover police had organized a drug transaction with the […]

Banana Boat blamed for death of Indian Tourist

A banana boat ride in the waters off Larn Island is being blamed for the death of a female Indian tourist. The incident occurred on Wednesday Afternoon at Tawaen Beach on the Island, which is located 4kms off the coast of Pattaya. Mrs. Ratnamala Pradip Korad aged 51 was one of 5 […]

Pattaya breathalyzer checks

Although the New Year festivities are over for another year, Pattaya Police are still ensuring that road safety for Thai’s and Foreigners remains a priority. On Tuesday we joined Police at the South Pattaya Junction of Pattaya Second Road and the South Pattaya Road close to the Chaimongkol Temple. Armed with […]