Nightlife snippets

beautiful Pattaya bargirl

Jan 6th Bada Bing greatly improved, probably has 40+ dancers, some topless and several lookers.

Dec 24th Bada Bing has opened on Soi BJ at the former location of TQ2. It’s looking much smarter now. The first time PBG visited the dancers were outnumbered by the male service and door staff. The second time we visited there was a party on and a lot more dancers present. Unfortunately most of the dancers were almost fully clothed.

Dec 20th Toyz has re-opened on Soi 15 where Climax was previously located. The stage has been enlarged and a new jacuzzi installed. Some friendly and sparsely clothed girls on stage. A promising start.

Dec 12th Spanky’s has recently opened on Soi Diamond next door to the now closed Gentlemans Club. It’s nicely fitted out but they seem to be having problems with the DJ and some inordinate delays with nobody on stage, the number and quality of the girls was rather disappointing. Lets hope these problems are ironed out soon.

Nov 26th Sapphire Club re-opened last night on the same site in soi 15, twice the size and completely refurbished. A pumping sound system and dazzling light show were backed up with a turnout of around 70 girls. If they can keep this many girls it will undoubtedly become one of Pattaya’s top gogo bars.

Nov 10th Sapphire Lodge just opened towards the bottom of Pratamnak soi 4. It’s an air conditioned gentleman’s club with swimming pool, snack bar and hotel rooms. Opening day impressions were very good with an impressive line-up of girls.

Oct 29th Exotica has recently opened on Pratamnak Road. A gentleman’s club with swimming pool and bar overlooking the road below. Very spacious and with quite a few girls when PBG last visited.

Jul 12th Moon Club has just opened on the corner of soi Diamond and Walking street. All white inside with good A/C and rather loud music. When PBG visited there were no tables and customers had to stand their drinks on barstools. The bar is staffed with generally good looking agency girls, the downside is that they are charging ฿2,000 barfine. Drinks are top price with a Sang Som/Coke costing ฿130. This bar could not be described as a gogo due the the excessive amount of clothing worn by all the girls.

Jul 1st Rhino Gogo has recently opened near Simon beer bar complex on Walking street. Too early to give an opinion yet as the bar had only just opened.

Apr 8th Another gogo has opened on LK Metro called Sexy Submarine. This latest opening makes it makes it five gogos on the Soi. Submarine, Mash and the Office appear to be under the same ownership.

Mar 30th Alcatraz are now doing ฿60 draught until 10pm.

Mar 3rd M*A*S*H a gogo has recently opened on Soi LK Metro. No prizes for guessing the theme of this bar. Efficient service and music attuned the more mature customer made for a pleasant visit.

Jan 7th Kiss a gogo has opened it’s doors on Soi LK Metro. It’s a surprisingly spacious table dance bar, not many girls were there when PBG visited but it’s still early days.

Dec 11th Shark have reduced the price of draught beer to ฿60. Paris a gogo, refurbished a few months ago has recently changed it’s name to Atlantis a go go.

Dec 3rd Alcatraz a go go has just opened on Walking Street. Reviewed here.

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Pattaya Beach Vendors ask for help as Jet Ski scams continue

Jet Ski scamIncidents involving Jet Ski’s are a daily occurrence here in Pattaya and we witnessed one such case take place on Pattaya Beach, in front of the Royal Garden Plaza on Tuesday Night. We were originally tipped-off by the owner of a Speed Boat who operates on the beach. He is angry that the reputation of Pattaya and other businesses along Pattaya Beach are being destroyed because of the Jet Ski Operators who appear to be working in cooperation with local Police in some cases. Our informant, who wishes to remain anonymous claims that tourists are being charged excessive amounts for minor damage which they are alleged to have caused to the machines. In some cases, the damage is genuine, in others it is not.

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Alcatraz a go go

Alcatraz go go bar PattayaAlcatraz is Pattaya’s newest gogo bar. It’s located on Walking Street just North of Soi 15, next door to Fahrenheit. Initial impressions are of a large gogo that has obviously had a lot of money spent on it. There is a centre island stage and several dancers “behind bars” on the second level. Most of the seating is quite distant from the dancers making it rather impersonal. The girls are dressed up in some nice prisoner and warden outfits although there were not too many good looking ones when we visited.

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New Bar Opening Times announced by Pattaya Mayor

Pattaya Mayor Itipon KonplumeA protest of over 200 bar workers from around Pattaya took place at Pattaya City Hall on Wednesday Evening. The workers, with placards demanding action from the City to extend bar opening times met Khun Itipon, the Mayor of Pattaya and his administration. He used the opportunity announce new and bar opening times for bars within the main entertainment zone and for those outside. He announced that bars within the zone will now be permitted to open until 04.30 and those outside the zone will be able to open until 03.00.

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Pattaya Addicts celebrates it's 4th anniversary

Pattaya AddictsThe guys at Pattaya Addicts are holding their 4th anniversary party on Wednesday 8th December. Billed as the party of the year, these events have always been good. The location is Sapphire a GoGo on soi 15 just off Walking Street. There will be some party games and free food. The fun starts at 8:30.

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24 hour licenses proposed for Pattaya Bars during the high season

Mayor of Pattaya Ittipon KonplumePattaya Bar owners are becoming excited following news that venues in some areas may be allowed to open 24 hours a day during the High Season months. A meeting led by Khun Itipon, the Mayor of Pattaya, of local bar owners was held at Pattaya City Hall on Wednesday Afternoon. He explained that rules governing the operating of bars had to be strictly adhered to, such as no admittance for patrons under 20 and no employees could be under the age of 18. Better control of drugs and weapons within licensed establishments must take place.

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