Songkran Festival at Nongnuch Elephant Camp Pattaya

Elephants playing Songkran in PattayaSuan Nongnuch Elephant Camp, Pattaya opened their gates today for the first day of the Songkran Festival which runs from 10th-15th of this month, with the enormous beautiful elephants showering tourists with water.

Suang Nongnuch Pattaya Garden Director,  Dr. Kamphol Tonsatja assigned general manager, Mr. Manit Narinrak  to the elephant department in order to organize and manage the smooth running of Songkran, where the main attraction will be, elephants showering the tourist with water.

Due to the many holidays involved in Thai festivals, he hopes the tourists will travel to Pattaya’s eastern resort at Suan Nongnuch Garden to view the many attractions in the Sattahip area including the Navy Base and the wonderful beaches such as Had Saikaew, Had Toey Ngam, Had Nangram, Naval Battle Beach as well as the Turtle Conservation Center, a Royal Chakri monarch boat and Koh Ped.

Elephants spraying water Songkran in Pattaya
Dr. Kamphol Tonsatja stated that resorts around the country are all hopeful that the activities will attract hordes of tourists. Many visitors, both Thais from Bangkok and foreign tourists are expected to travel to Pattaya especially for the entertainment at Nongnuch tropical gardens where they can expect to be showered by the huge elephants along with 10 cute and loveable babies. This activity will be held along with the usual shows until the 15th April or longer if they feel tourists welcome it.

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