Soi Six Party of the Year

The bars on Soi Six are hosting their first annual “Party of the Year” this weekend The party starts 2pm on Saturday 8th June and continues again from 2pm on Sunday 9th June. Everyone is welcome.

Soi Six Party of the Year


Man accused of sexual assault & abduction of 11 year old girl from Jomtien

Thai paedophileA 34 year old man was accused of abducting an 11 year old girl at knife-point and then taking her to a Motel where he sexually assaulted her twice before taking her back to her home in Jomtien.

Just before 1am on Wednesday a 44 year old mother and her 11 year old daughter made their way to Pattaya Police Station to report the incident. The Mother explained that earlier in the night just before 7pm, her daughter left the family home at the Royal Park Village on the Sukhumvit Road in Jomtien to visit a friend at the Tepprasit Road Government Condominium located close-by.

At the front of the village the girl was looking for a motorbike taxi and seconds later a man wearing a motorbike taxi jacket, who was later found not to be a genuine taxi driver, pulled up beside the girl and offered to take her to see her friend. He then told the girl, upon their arrival, that he would wait outside for her and take her back home.

An hour later the girl emerged from the Condominium and the pair were preparing to leave when the taxi driver, later named as Khun Oy aged 34, told the girl to sit in front of him on the bike as he was having some problems with the back tyre of the bike. She complied and was then taken, against her will and at knife-point to the Khopia 94 Motel in South Pattaya. When inside one of the rooms she was ordered to remove her clothing and Khun Oy is alleged to have conducted a sexual assault on the 11 year old girl twice.

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Brand New Police Vehicle slams into Bus Stop close to Pattaya

Brand New Police Vehicle slams into Bus Stop close to PattayaA Police truck which had only been purchased by Plu Ta Luang Police Station 1 month ago was badly damaged after its driver drove the vehicle into a Bus Stop located on the side of the road as he took evasive action to avoid a rear-end collision with a car.

The driver of the Police Vehicle was Police Sergeant Suchart who was responding to reports of a road accident approximately 1 kilometer from the bus stop. The Sergeant was driving at a high rate of speed and although he had turned on the vehicles siren there was no light bar fitted to the roof of the vehicle.

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Three Guns seized from Hotel Bellboy in South Pattaya

Guns seized from Hotel Bellboy in South PattayaEarly on Saturday Morning Region 2 Police arrested a 38 year old Hotel worker who was caught with three guns and nearly 100 live bullets.

Officers from Police Region 2 were made aware of Khun Amnat who works as a Bellboy at the VC Hotel in South Pattaya. He was known to be selling guns, illegally, and it was decided to conduct an undercover operation whereby an undercover officer would attempt to purchase a gun from him.

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East Pattaya necklace snatcher shot by police

Pattaya robber shotA 22 year old Necklace Snatch suspect was shot in his leg by Police as he attempted to escape from the scene of the crime with an accomplice who was able to elude capture.

Just after 8.30pm on Monday Night, Khun Pralishat aged 26 was driving home on her motorbike inside Soi Pornprapanimit 6 in East Pattaya and was only 100 meters from her destination when the two men approached from behind on a further motorbike and attempted to grab her gold necklace with amulet. The snatch was not going to plan and the passenger on the bike, Khun Alan aged 22 decided to kick the bike of the female victim. She fell onto the road and was also kicked in her back which allowed the men to remove the necklace and attempt an escape.

Police were stationed nearby and were able to arrive on-scene in a matter of seconds but the bike had already left. The main offender was left behind and was seen to run into Soi 8 off the same main road.

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Well known Baht Bus pick-pocket gang arrested on Pattaya Beach

Pattaya PickpocketThree suspected members of a Baht Bus pickpocket gang were arrested by Pattaya Police on Wednesday afternoon. The alarm was raised by an American citizen, Mr. Malcolm M. Bashi aged 68 who realized he had been the victim of the pickpocketing suspects. Luckily for him, the three suspects, who had been arrested many times and had just been released from Prison were under Police surveillance and their arrest was swift as Police were watching events unfold close-by.

The incident occurred outside the Pattaya City Walk Complex on Pattaya Beach Road but the gang had been followed since they entered the rear of the Baht Bus on Jomtien Second Road in front of the Grand Jomtien Condo. The three suspects and the American victim were taken to Pattaya Police Station where Mr. Bashi’s stolen wallet was recovered along with its contents, including 4,820 Baht and 372 US Dollars. Mr. Bashi claimed there was an additional  1,100 US Dollars unaccounted for which led Police to conduct body searches and a search of the surrounding area.

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Russian seriously injured in armed street robbery in Jomtien

Pattaya stabbingA 25 year old female Russian Tourist was stabbed a total of 5 times as two men attempted to steal her handbag as she walked back to her Hotel on Jomtien Beach, early on Monday Morning. Just after 3am, Police and medics were called to Soi Chayapreuk, in front of the Meung Mai Village and met with the victim of the street robbery, Miss  Jenniya Nikolina. She had sustained wounds to her arms and was able to communicate with Police despite her limited English Language skills. As she walked back to her Hotel, two men on a motorbike pulled up beside her. One of them was armed with a long knife. He approached the victim and attempted to cut through the shoulder strap of her bag.

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Mahout crushed to death at Jomtien elephant camp

Pattaya elephant kills mahoutAn elephant master who had been caring for his 40 year old Elephant for 20 years died from a severe head trauma whilst bathing the elephant next to a concrete water tank. Police and rescue workers were called to the Elephant and Monkey Camp located in the Na-Jomtien area on Saturday morning and inspected the body of Khun Ponthep aged 44. He sustained a crushed skull and his right ear had been torn from his head. There were no witnesses to the incident, however blood stains and pieces of human skin were noticed on the side of the 2,000kg female elephant, called Tongbai.

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20 Baht bet leads to fatal stabbing on Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach MurderA 20 Baht bet on a game involving a football resulted in the fatal stabbing of a 35 year old man on Pattaya Beach early on Sunday Morning. At 6am Police were called to Pattaya Beach in front of Soi 8 to investigate the serious incident which resulted in the death of Khun Bunmee. There were a number of witnesses to the crime including a friend of the deceased man, Khun Sarawut aged 23 who revealed how the three friends had been drinking since late on Saturday Night and as Dawn approached the three men decided to play a game involving a football. They had to keep the ball in the air in a game known as “Keepy Uppy”. The game was proceeding without incident until allegations of cheating were made against the deceased man by the suspected attacker whose name and age are unknown for now.

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Woman beaten close to death at Full Love Inn

Pattaya deadly attackA woman is currently fighting for her life in Hospital following a vicious assault at a Motel in Central Pattaya. On Wednesday evening Police were called to the Full Love Inn Motel and to room number 402 after Motel Staff discovered the unconscious woman inside the toilet. Her hands had been tied behind her back and her feet had also been tied together. Tape had been placed over her mouth. Evidence of facial injuries consistent with being punched were seen and also evidence the woman was menstruating was found which Police suspect is a crucial part of the investigation.

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